PSS help Murphy complete works 12 Weeks ahead of Schedule

Power Saving Solutions have supplied Murphy’s with hybrid generators and solar PV cells for a project in Taplow, Buckinghamshire. Using the generators the team at Murphy’s were able to remove an existing damaged footbridge bridge and install a new-twin span temporary footbridge, 12 weeks ahead of programme.

Implementing best practice measures, with the generators and solar charging have not only helped save them time but has also earned a raft of positive comments from stakeholders such as Network Rail and Transport for London.

Tom Lacy, Murphy’s senior project manager, said: “The Taplow team have made a great first impression with some of our key clients including TfL, Network Rail and MTR Crossrail. Everyone can be proud of the safe and successful temporary bridge installation. It is  key that we continue to build on this strong start to secure a positive project outcome for both Murphy and TfL.”

The footbridge required replacing as it had been damaged earlier in the year by a rail crane. This made it difficult for passengers to travel between platforms 1 & 2 over the main lines.