Case Study: Power Saving Solutions Provides Silent Generator for Generator Power

Power Saving Solutions was selected by Generator Power to provide a reliable, clean, quiet and efficient power solution for a mobile telecoms site in Croydon, UK.

Client Profile

Generator Power is a generator hire company, providing generators for a wide range of industries, including telecoms, utilities, construction, offshore oil and gas, events and facilities management.


The overall objective was to provide a low-noise, environment-friendly power solution for a Vodafone mobile telecoms mast in a highly built-up area.


The solution uses two Hussh Pod 30/45 hybrid generators with a bespoke auto change-over switch.


  • Be as quiet as possible.
  • Operate for at least 12 hours per night.
  • Use less diesel than the current system.*
  • Emit less carbon dioxide.*

* In line with the Mayor of London’s focus on reducing diesel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.


Previously, Generator Power had used a diesel generator at the site. As well as being noisy, this generator used a lot of fuel and emitted a huge amount of carbon dioxide.

Every time the generator was re-fuelled, there were risks of contamination and spillage.

Since the site is situated in the middle of a residential area, Generator Power received many complaints from local residents about the noise of the diesel generator disturbing their sleep. These complaints took a significant amount of time to deal with.

Generator Power was, therefore, seeking a quieter, more environment-friendly generator that would cut costs whilst providing the required amount of power.


Initially, Power Saving Solutions installed just one Hussh Pod 30/45 generator at the site. After a few days of monitoring, Power Saving Solutions quickly realised that the loads were far too high for the entire site to be powered for 12 hours on one Hussh Pod 30/45 alone.

If there had been enough space at the site, Power Saving Solutions would have installed its larger Hussh Pod 60/90 silent generator to provide the extra power.

However, since there was only sufficient space for one more Hussh Pod 30/45, Power Saving Solutions had to find a way of drawing the maximum amount of energy from the two Hussh Pod 30/45s during the night before switching back to the diesel generator to recharge the batteries in the morning.

In order to solve this problem, Power Saving Solutions’ engineers designed and manufactured a bespoke auto change-over switch.

Power Saving Solutions continued to monitor the site using its remote monitoring system, which allows it to observe exactly what is happening on the site 24/7, and to adjust the settings accordingly.


  • Since the Hussh Pod 30/45 is a silent generator, there has been a significant reduction in noise at the site. As a result, the residents get a good night’s sleep and complaints have disappeared.
  • Carbon dioxide emissions have decreased by 50 percent.
  • Fuel costs have fallen because diesel consumption has been halved.
  • The risks of spillage and contamination have been reduced significantly.
  • A cost-effective, environment-friendly solution that doesn’t involve using more diesel has been provided.
  • Happy Residents.