New Year Business Growth

What a fantastic start to the new year we’ve had at Power Saving Solutions. After settling into our new home in Chesterfield, business has exploded meaning that we’ve had to double our fleet of Hussh Pods. Industry are finally waking up to the fact that there’s currently no better option to reduce your diesel fuel consumption, CO2 and eradicate diesel generator noise. Our shop is now in full production mode, all day every day to meet demand.

Our innovative interactive online portal has been significantly improved through our partners, Victron. This means the user has access to incredibly easy to understand and detailed information. We’re using this to create bespoke reports for our clients so that they have information about their site energy performance and can use it as part of their site management plan. Something they’ve never had before.

All this has made us a fundamental part of some of the biggest building projects in the country. If you’re not using a Hussh Pod today, you definitely should be tomorrow.

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