Powering into new premises, Power Saving Solutions combines sales and manufacturing in their new Chesterfield facility

Power Saving Solutions, est 2013, a battery power provider to the construction, utilities and rail industries are relocating to a single sales and manufacturing site in Chesterfield.  The new facility houses the manufacturing and assembly facilities for a range of their zero noise zero emission power products.  Employing an additional 10 new staff, the new site reflects the growth of the company and the universal requirement for power users to consider emissions and noise in their operations.


Andy Richardson, Director from Power Saving Solutions said “The new site allows us to “lean” our production to respond even faster to our growing sale and lease customers.  From our new base we are able to more efficiently manage our UK and international growth”.


Andy Perry, Director, PSS  added “ the total solution we provide with remote monitoring of the power units offer businesses valuable insights in their power and operational requirements, often achieving them efficiency savings to their operational costs that previously were not held to account”.


With over 80 units operating in the UK already in difficult operational locations including night operations in residential areas, remote locations without traditional power and in emission controlled areas, Power Saving Solutions growth matches with safety and socially minded firms.

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