PSS help Murphy complete works 12 Weeks ahead of Schedule

Power Saving Solutions have supplied Murphy’s with hybrid generators and solar PV cells for a project in Taplow, Buckinghamshire. Using the generators the team at Murphy’s were able to remove an existing damaged footbridge bridge and install a new-twin span temporary footbridge, 12 weeks ahead of programme.

Implementing best practice measures, with the generators and solar charging have not only helped save them time but has also earned a raft of positive comments from stakeholders such as Network Rail and Transport for London.

Tom Lacy, Murphy’s senior project manager, said: “The Taplow team have made a great first impression with some of our key clients including TfL, Network Rail and MTR Crossrail. Everyone can be proud of the safe and successful temporary bridge installation. It is  key that we continue to build on this strong start to secure a positive project outcome for both Murphy and TfL.”

The footbridge required replacing as it had been damaged earlier in the year by a rail crane. This made it difficult for passengers to travel between platforms 1 & 2 over the main lines.


Charging Stations

Power Saving Solutions have been asked to produce a number of charging stations to help recharge our Pods on a large construction site in the south of England. The charging stations combine both 500w of solar and a 1kw wind turbine. These will be invaluable on such a large site. Historically the Hussh Pod 1/2’s have been collected at the end of the day and then taken to a central charging point. These solutions give us enormous flexibility and significantly reduce down time and manpower needed to manage the site.

This is another example of how site managers can take an innovative approach to managing their energy, reducing their diesel consumption, CO2 and eradicating noise. Additional benefits include reduced deliveries and risk of contamination.

Thames Water Partnership Continues to Grow

Hybrid-powered generators help Thames keep the noise down


Thames Water is using pioneering hybrid-powered generators to help reduce emissions and noise on constructions sites.

The virtually silent Hybrid Power Pods are being successfully used in the streets of Hackney and Slough for water main diversion work, to allow longer working hours and minimal noise disruption.

The pods’ battery technology replaces a traditional generator once a pre-programmed time of day or energy level is reached. The pod is so advanced, it then automatically shuts the diesel generator off completely. As in hybrid cars, the battery charges when the generator (or engine) is running.

Dr Keith Colquhoun, climate change and sustainability manager for Thames Water, said: “We’re always looking for ways to more efficiently power our activities and reduce our environmental impact. These Hybrid Power Pods have been a revelation as they are portable, and provide power wherever we need it without disrupting our customers, especially at night time to support being a good neighbour.”

Hannah Rose, Thames Water environment manager, added: “We’re measuring the efficiency of the pods closely, tracking and capturing data. But between July and December last year, these pods saved over 30,000 litres of red diesel and more than 80 tonnes of carbon, reducing our overall greenhouse gas emissions.”

The new addition to Thames Water’s power supply has been made possible through a partnership with Power Savings Solutions, who design, manufacture and supply hybrid generators to the construction industry.

New Year Business Growth

What a fantastic start to the new year we’ve had at Power Saving Solutions. After settling into our new home in Chesterfield, business has exploded meaning that we’ve had to double our fleet of Hussh Pods. Industry are finally waking up to the fact that there’s currently no better option to reduce your diesel fuel consumption, CO2 and eradicate diesel generator noise. Our shop is now in full production mode, all day every day to meet demand.

Our innovative interactive online portal has been significantly improved through our partners, Victron. This means the user has access to incredibly easy to understand and detailed information. We’re using this to create bespoke reports for our clients so that they have information about their site energy performance and can use it as part of their site management plan. Something they’ve never had before.

All this has made us a fundamental part of some of the biggest building projects in the country. If you’re not using a Hussh Pod today, you definitely should be tomorrow.

New Hussh Pod Solution for a New Tunnel

We have been commissioned to provide bespoke lithium ion Hussh Pods for another National Grid contract in London. We will be providing silent, emission free power for the tunnel workers in a 3km stretch of tunnel, 1/4km underground which runs from Highbury to St. Pancras station. Our Hussh Pods have been built to meet the specific power demands of the contract for the vast majority of the day. The lithium solution allows the batteries to be discharged to a greater depth of discharge and are significantly lighter which means we can provide more power for longer in a smaller foot-print.

This is another example of Power Saving Solutions creating best value, bespoke products for the market.

Powering into new premises, Power Saving Solutions combines sales and manufacturing in their new Chesterfield facility

Power Saving Solutions, est 2013, a battery power provider to the construction, utilities and rail industries are relocating to a single sales and manufacturing site in Chesterfield.  The new facility houses the manufacturing and assembly facilities for a range of their zero noise zero emission power products.  Employing an additional 10 new staff, the new site reflects the growth of the company and the universal requirement for power users to consider emissions and noise in their operations.


Andy Richardson, Director from Power Saving Solutions said “The new site allows us to “lean” our production to respond even faster to our growing sale and lease customers.  From our new base we are able to more efficiently manage our UK and international growth”.


Andy Perry, Director, PSS  added “ the total solution we provide with remote monitoring of the power units offer businesses valuable insights in their power and operational requirements, often achieving them efficiency savings to their operational costs that previously were not held to account”.


With over 80 units operating in the UK already in difficult operational locations including night operations in residential areas, remote locations without traditional power and in emission controlled areas, Power Saving Solutions growth matches with safety and socially minded firms.

J Murphy Case Study

J Murphy & Sons are a key partner for Power Saving Solutions. Over the past 3 years we have helped them reduce their emissions and fuel usage by 50% on their sites across the UK. In addition their maintenance schedule for their diesel generator fleet has moved from every 2 weeks to every 6 weeks when they’ve been sited with Hussh Pods.

They have just released an information sheet for all of their employees about the work that has been completed in that time. Click on the link below to get the full picture.

If you’d like to benefit from working with us just like Murphy have then give us a call today.

Murphy CS



Power Saving Solutions at Heathrow Airport

This month has seen a huge change of pace for us at Power Saving Solutions. Our Hussh Pod 30/45 has now been deployed at Terminal 3, Heathrow and is being used on the site set up for vital maintenance work at the terminal. Our Pod is covering all of the sites power for 6 days out of 7 saving not only massive amounts of fuel but also CO2 emissions. It’s also delivering the power silently which is excellent news for the residents adjoining the area. If you’ve got a site that needs silent power then ask us about our Hussh Pods.

New Hybrid PowerPod delivered to Agility Alliance

New 3045 Hybrid PowerPod Agility Alliance

Brand new 30/45 Hybrid PowerPod delivered to Agility Alliance’s brand new site in London today. Our new Hussh Pod will be powering a brand new site for Agility Alliance on their Thames Water contract. This is one of a series of Pods that have and are being placed on this contract. Our Pod will power all site cabins, drying room, canteen and amenities  for at least 12 hours per day, 365 days per year. We have also placed a 60kva diesel gen-set to work in conjunction with the Pod, allowing it ample time to re-charge the batteries.