Hussh Pod 1/4

A Portable Battery Storage Unit for hire or purchase

Hussh Pod 1/4

A Portable Battery Storage Unit for hire or purchase


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of useable lithium ion phosphate battery storage


Inverter output

5000 cycles

Battery Life

4 hours

Recharge time

Only 86kg


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Portable Battery Storage Unit with Unparalleled Performance

A cleaner replacement for small diesel generators.

The Hussh Pod 1/4 is different from the other models as it provides a fantastic portable power supply, used for any number of utilities.

They are regularly used to power lighting rigs, water pumps, hand tools and extraction fans to name but a few. And as it doesn’t emit exhaust fumes it can be used indoors as an ideal replacement for diesel generators. It can be easily carried in the back of any work van and is the perfect power provider in enclosed environments.

The charging process is very simple once the HP1/4 has completed its task it is plugged into a 13amp or 16amp supply to replenish its lithium battery.

The Hussh Pod can be charged and used in conjunction with any number of renewable energy solutions, standard diesel gen-set or plugged into the mains.

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Reduced Emissions
Silent Operation
Fuel Saving
Cost Saving

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