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Formally known as Kingston Upon Hull (later abbreviated to Hull), is a port city in the North East of England with both a river running through it and a boundary of the Humber Estuary. As a port city, Hull has experienced periods of extreme highs and lows, but right now it has a healthy population, a winning football club, and a wide range of tourist attractions.

When a city as successful as Hull has constant residents and tourists streaming in and out of the city limits, there is one modern commodity that must be maintained – power. Energy is a crucial component of the success of the modern city. Without power, restaurants would shut down, streets would be much more dangerous, and modern entertainment would disappear altogether.

Of course, most businesses and venues are connected to a power grid within the city. But, for those that such an essential necessity isn’t possible, they have to rely on an alternative supply for power.

In cases where businesses and venues require a temporary but consistent and reliable supply of power, they often rely on hybrid generators.

Pioneering hybrid generators built for industry allows us to sustainably help the world live in a cleaner environment.

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Who Can Benefit From Hybrid Generator Hire Hull?

Though most brick-and-mortar businesses are connected to the power grid within the city, there is still a great need for temporary power solutions to keep the heartbeat of the city thriving. Some great examples of where temporary hybrid power generators can come in handy include:

Social Gatherings

Hosting a social gathering is a big undertaking. In the lovely Hull summer weather, many people want to host gatherings in remote outdoor locations. There is one obstacle: power. With a temporary portable generator, your outdoor space can light up and thrive. Our generators are customisable and can be made to serve social gatherings of different sizes with different needs.

Business Meetings

Product meetings, professional gatherings, and large corporate events have all requested the hire of one of our generators at some point in time. Our hybrid generators can ensure that guests are comfortable and presentations are fully powered for the successful completion of the event.

Outdoor Festivals or Concerts

The intricate planning that goes into large outdoor events is astounding. One of the biggest issues surrounding outdoor festivals and concerts is finding a solution to getting a reliable and consistent flow of power. Hybrid generators are a unique and flexible solution for powering up all the equipment at festivals and concerts.

Construction Zones

In the earliest phases of construction, there is no power on the construction site. This can dramatically limit the working hours and capabilities of the construction crew. Using a hybrid generator is an effective method for creating light and solving a number of power-related problems.

Hybrid Generator Hire Hull Offers Major Advantages

Historically, diesel generators were the go-to solution for unique energy needs. However, diesel generators are loud, expensive, and emit dangerous toxins into the environment. This is why we offer hybrid generator hire in Hull.

Using a hybrid generator hire Hull service has quite a few advantages over other power options. These advantages include cost efficiency, reliability, portability, eco-friendliness, and noise reduction.

Cost Efficiency

Any time that you can hire a piece of equipment temporarily, you can save money in comparison to buying it. Additionally, hybrid generators are considered renewable energy sources, this is what makes them hybrid. They utilise renewable resources to provide you with power, which is safely stored in a battery. The use of renewable energy will significantly reduce your fuel costs. There is little to no maintenance needed for our machines aside from routine maintenance.


Almost every power grid has a certain degree of unreliability. From bad weather to maintenance, your power source can be unpredictable when it is in the hands of a large company to keep your lights on. When you use a generator, you are entirely in charge of the reliability of the power in your location. If you keep the fuel checked and the battery charged, you are pretty much guaranteed to have power.


One of the major benefits of using a hybrid generator is that it can be moved around whenever necessary. If you are ready to power up another area of the construction site, you can easily move the generator to that part of the property. It can even be moved to an entirely new location if needed.


We have come to understand that hybrid is one of the most telling words for an eco-friendly product. Hybrid generators use both a battery and fuel to power the things connected to the generator. This helps to reduce the number of chemicals and toxins released into the environment during use.

Noise Reduction

Diesel generators were extremely noisy machines when they were in use. Over time, our company has perfected quieting generators. You can hardly hear hybrid generators when they are in use today.

Final Thoughts

Power Saving Solutions is a company built on expertise and experience in the field of energy. We hire dedicated employees who follow our example of excellence. Our company is committed to providing unique solutions for generator hire Hull and other major cities in England such as Liverpool and Leeds. Our commitment to excellence has earned us a stellar reputation in the hybrid generator business.

If you are in need of a reliable solution to your power needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.


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