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With its vibrant nightlife, a number of world-class educational institutions, tourist attractions, and a host of two of the largest sporting clubs in the world, it’s quite easy to see why Manchester is deemed the capital of the north.

Having become a lucrative hotspot in the north for a number of professionals, students, and tourists, Manchester has become the fastest growing city in the UK, only second to the capital, London.

With such high attendance, many new buildings are starting to appear, more food trucks businesses are being established, which all require to get power from somewhere to successfully conduct their practices.

Many businesses who aren’t aware of what is on the market quickly jump on getting a diesel-based generator as that used to be the standard for generating electricity on the go.

Today, that is no longer the case. With the growing awareness around climate change, at Power Saving Solutions, we created a hybrid generator, which makes use of both renewable energy and diesel to supply a cleaner and more eco-friendly solution to your power needs.

Pioneering hybrid generators built for industry allows us to sustainably help the world live in a cleaner environment.

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Who Can Benefit From Generator Hire Manchester?

The need for power is virtually everywhere around us. From our mobile phones to projectors, sound systems, and even the electrical BBQ in a portable food truck, they all require a source of electricity to run.

One of the biggest problems that businesses and organizations run into is the lack of power source to power up their event – be it a remote food truck making doughnuts or a portable veterinary laboratory, they all need power for one thing or another.

So far, many businesses that do not have direct access to the power grid have made use of diesel-based power generators. As you could imagine, those emit a fair amount of air pollution, noise, and are pretty difficult to carry from one place to another.

In recent times, environmentally-friendly companies such as Power Saving Solutions have come up with hybrid generators, which combine the use of renewable energy and fuel to provide a source of power.

With the ever-growing awareness of climate change around the UK, many businesses have started to move away from traditional diesel-based generators and have started using hybrids. Here are a few examples where hybrid power generators are widely used.

Social Events: Weddings, private parties, birthday celebrations, tournaments, challenges, and outdoor activities can all benefit from a quiet hybrid generator.

Corporate Gatherings: Corporate meetings, corporate events, product launches, presentations can greatly benefit from a reliable source of clean power.

Festivals and Parties: Whether a small gathering or a full-on festival, power generators can provide you with electricity, even if the power grid decides to collapse.

Construction Sites: A hybrid generator can power up machinery, tools, lights, and even charging stations regardless of whether you are building a house in Salford or the next skyscraper in media city.

Tourist Attractions: Both temporary and permanent tourist attractions can take advantage of a hybrid generator for providing a sustainable amount of power.

Portable Establishments: From food trucks to portable laboratories, they all require a reliable source of power to successfully conduct their practices.

Advantages of Generator Hire Manchester

There are many benefits of generator hire Manchester. Some of them include:

Low Fuel Consumption: Hybrid power generators consume a lot less fuel as compared to traditional diesel-based power generators. This is because hybrid generators make use of a battery, which is charged up with renewable energy.

Uninterrupted Power Supply: A hybrid generator is a reliable source of energy for any operation or occasion. It has a fully automated battery that instantly starts supplying power when the system detects an outage. This makes the use of hybrid power generators critical at events where everything must run smoothly.

Small Size: Hybrid generators are generally much smaller, compact, and more portable as compared to their traditional counterparts.

Environmentally Friendly: The continuous and frequent use of diesel-based generators significantly contributes to the pollution of the air that we all end up breathing. As hybrid generators make use of renewable energy (when the demand for power is low), the air around us is not harmed at all.

Minimal Noise Pollution: The fantastic thing about hybrid generators is that they produce a lot less noise compared to traditional generators. This makes hybrid generators the preferred option for office spaces, hospitals, portable food trucks, and other establishments where too much noise can be a problem.

Generator Hire Manchester

At Power Saving Solutions (PSS), we have the goal of providing every business around the Manchester area with an eco-friendly power generator.

All of our power generators are custom-made, meaning you will receive a power generator that is tailored to the exact power requirements for your business or activity that you are looking to host.

Aside from that, our experts will walk you through every step of the way to ensure that you understand fully how to operate and maintain your new hybrid generator hire Manchester.


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