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A nature-loving city with scenic landscapes to study, live and work in, Sheffield has many institutions for studying and many places to enjoy the nightlife. With many festivals happening all around the year, where people come from all over the places to enjoy.

With the advancement of technology and growing environmental awareness, it becomes progressively more difficult for project managers.

With the use of traditional generators, carbon is emitted while producing power which affects the air around the neighbourhood and even causing many negative changes in the environment around the globe. On the other hand, hybrid generators are new modern age generators which work while combining fuel used by traditional generators with renewable energy sources to produce noise reduced, fuel-efficient and environment-friendly source of power.

Pioneering hybrid generators built for industry allows us to sustainably help the world live in a cleaner environment.

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Who Can Benefit from Hybrid Generator Hire Sheffield?

Every event planner, project manager, or business that requires an external source of power to run a project, be it a festival, wedding, construction site, a remote laboratory, or a food truck, will require power to successfully carry out their business. A huge problem often arises when you need power but are nowhere near the power grid.

With the growth of environmental awareness, many regulators are beginning to limit the usage of standard diesel-based power generators, especially if you have a business to carry out in the middle of Sheffield.

This is when hybrid power generators come in. They are not only cheaper, which is always a great idea when running any type of business but are also significantly more environmentally friendly, easy to operate, and noisy. Below are some examples of occasions that often require a hybrid generator.

  • Corporate Events: Whether a corporate meeting, product launch party or just a corporate gathering, a hybrid power generator can bring all the power needed without question.
  • Social Events: Weddings, private parties or even birthdays.
  • Festivals: Effortless supply of power to support all the high load equipment to run all the lights, screens, and even music systems for all kinds of shows and live concerts.
  • Construction Sites Hybrid generators can be very efficient to power up machines, lights, and charging stations at construction sites regardless of whether a house is being built or a new office building.

Universities and business offices can also place hybrid generators as a primary power source or back up for power outages in their campus which can turn on automatically without any delay.

Generator Hire Sheffield – The Benefits

Nowadays, hybrid generators have become a backbone that can support any kind of power related needs due to their features and many evident benefits. Some of the benefits of using a hybrid generator include:

  1. Ultra-Low Carbon Emission: Hybrid generators produce very minimal fumes and greenhouse gases as a result of producing electricity.
  1. Minimal Noise: Hybrid generators produce very minimal noise, making them the best option to put up in urban locations where noise can postpone a project from being undertaken.
  1. Low Fuel Requirements: Hybrid generators will only run on batteries when the power demand is relatively low. In case the demand for power rises, they will switch to using fuel. This means that during the off-peak hours, the hybrid generator will use no fuel what so ever.
  1. Maximum Savings: Investing in hybrid generators can be very beneficial in the long and short term. With the volatility of fuel prices in the market, working with traditional generators can be taxing.
  1. No Delay Time: During power outages, hybrid generators will automatically provide back up power without delay.
  1. Automatic System: Hybrid generators come with Power Management Systems (PMS), which help the operator fully understand the current status of the system through comprehensive reports. Hybrid generators can also be programmed to automatically switch to diesel when the batteries are depleted, or a sudden spike in demand is seen.

Generator Hire Sheffield

At Power Saving Solutions, we have dedicated our entire careers to providing clients all over Sheffield and the surrounding area with a simple power solution, hybrid power generators.

Each piece of equipment that leaves our premise is customised in accordance with the power demands of our clients. This ensures that our product will provide the required level of power at every step of the way for a successful operation, be it a festival, wedding, construction site, food truck, or sporting event.

To ensure that our hybrid power generators operate in accordance with your needs, we will sit down and discuss all of your power needs. Then, we will custom-make a power generator specifically for you and will deliver it to your desired location where we will install it.

After the installation, you will be provided with comprehensive guidance on how to operate and maintain the unit.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you save money and help reduce carbon emissions!


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