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The beautiful county of Surrey is known for its stunning tourist attractions, outdoor events, food trucks, and more, which accommodate the millions of tourists that visit the woodland county every year.

But, to run all of these facilities that attract so many people from all over the world, businesses need a reliable source of power, which isn’t always readily available.

At Power Savings Solutions, we make it easy for you to hire hybrid generators in Surrey and the surrounding area. Our units are not only environmentally friendly as they mostly run on renewable energy but are also more affordable, easier to maintain, and much quieter than their diesel-based counterparts.

Traditional vs Hybrid Generators – What’s the Difference?

Previously when people didn’t have access to regular power traditional diesel-powered generators were the go-to solution. While these machines were loud and had a significant environmental impact, they were also a steady source of power for many events and construction sites.

And though they’re still a reliable source of power, they aren’t very sustainable – something that’s taken much more seriously now.

Hybrid generator setups on the other hand use a combination of fossil fuels such as diesel and renewable energy to run. This is managed by auto shut off and start of the diesel generator when the load is more than the battery can handle, or for when the battery needs recharging.

Before we get into the different applications of hybrid generators, let’s first take a look at the benefits of using one.

Advantages of Using a Hybrid Generator

When a new piece of technology comes out, it’s normal for people to be sceptical and be convinced to change – especially since what they are used to works just fine. However, hybrid generators are better as a whole.

Here are a few benefits of hybrid generators over their diesel-based counterparts.

Compact Design

Our hybrid generators are smaller than most traditional generators. And since they take up less space, it’s easier for event organisers to find the perfect place for the generator and perhaps even hide it out of sight while supplying the event with sufficient electricity.

Quiet Operation

If you host an event in Surrey and use traditional generators, there’s a high chance of receiving noise complaints from other residents. But if you hire a hybrid generator, the noise pollution even when operating at its peak is in times quieter than the traditional power generator.

Reduced Environmental Impact

With the current climate crisis we are facing, it’s important to try and reduce our environmental impact in whatever way we can. Hybrid generators release much less CO2 than traditional options since they derive half of their power from sustainable sources, making them the ideal option.

Pioneering hybrid generators built for industry allows us to sustainably help the world live in a cleaner environment.

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Take Advantage of Generator Hire Surrey For Your Next Event

Despite all of the benefits, what events are hybrid generators suitable for?

Parties, Weddings, and Private Gatherings

Surrey is a popular option for outdoor events because of its wonderful climate and beautiful scenery. But any modern event needs electricity for lights, speakers, and others. With our hybrid generators, you’ll be able to quietly power your outdoor events without having to tap into the power grid, which could be the more convenient option in most cases.

Corporate Events

If you have a product launch, conference, or seminar coming up for your company, you may want to stay away from traditional generators since they can produce a lot of noise and emissions. For your next corporate event, consider hiring one of our hybrid generators for a more efficient and pleasant experience.

Mobile Businesses

Food trucks, mobile pet groomers, and other businesses on wheels are very popular in Surrey, and our hybrid generators provide the perfect solution for their lack of access to power. If you need electricity for your business on the go, we offers compact and lightweight hybrid generators that can give you all the power you need.

Construction Sites

To finish a construction project fast, you need to hire generators in Surrey that work quietly and efficiently. That way, you can power equipment  through the night without worrying about noise complaints.

Generator Hire Surrey

If you believe you can benefit from a hybrid generator for your next event, you can reach out to our friendly team at Power Saving Solutions who would be more than happy to discuss all of your power needs with you.

Keep in mind that all of our generators are fully customizable, and we will set them up in accordance with your need for power.


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