Depending on your requirements, we can design and custom-build bespoke hybrid generators to meet the needs of specific applications. Why not call one of our consultants to learn how we can help?

Rail – On track for success

Many of our clients come from the railway and transport sector, as their sites are often in rural or remote areas. Clearly, a railside hybrid generator solution to power signalling, lubrication, or early warning systems, can offer huge benefits, both in terms of convenience and cost-savings.

Renewable energy options, such as solar, can be incorporated into our hybrid generators. This is significant as, in most cases, these are low powered applications, many of which can be sustained entirely from renewable energy. In fact, some of our hybrid generators have been in operation in the field for more than three years without the need for any diesel.

Extreme resilience

Another challenge for our clients in this sector is the weather. Our hybrid generators are often exposed to extreme weather conditions, so our hybrid generators are built to the highest standards of durability, and able to cope with anything the UK weather throws at them. And, because our inverter generators require minimal servicing, fewer call-outs for maintenance and servicing mean they are much cheaper to run than other comparable generators.

Pioneering hybrid generator technology built for industry helps us to sustainably help the world live in a cleaner environment.

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