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Our Hussh Pod 30/45 is fast becoming the ‘go to’ Hybrid Generator of choice for almost all standard site setups. This is a 30kva, 3-phase (1 x 10kva inverter per phase), 45kw (useable lithium iron phosphate battery power) Hussh Pod. It can also easily be reconfigured as a single-phase unit to provide a more powerful unit with the inverters working in parallel.

A powerful, silent generator, the Hussh Pod 30/45 has a 30kw three-phase inverter and 45kwh of useable stored power – enough to power most small to medium site applications.

The Hussh Pod can be charged and used in conjunction with any number of renewable energy solutions or with a standard diesel gen-set that has an auto start function.

Our solution is also equipped with full monitoring and data platform. This will allow you to view the current and past performance of the Pod, 24/7, 365 days of the year. Email alarms can also be easily set up to tell you if there are any power problems on site.

The Hussh Pod 30/45 has unparalleled performance – reducing both harmful emissions and noise pollution.

We are committed to delivering the best option for our clients’ needs with a suitable customised housing, and we’ll perform a full site set-up to help you get the maximum benefit and efficiency from your unit.

Hussh Pod 30/45 Specification

All Hushh Pod units can be supplied in lead acid, lithium or OPZv formats, depending on the most appropriate solution for the task. All of these battery compounds have different properties, making them suitable for different applications. For instance, while lead acid can be discharged to 50% of the total charge, lithium ion and OPZv can be discharged to 80% of a full discharge.

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