Hussh Pod 1/2

The Hussh Pod 1/2 is different from the other models as it provides a fantastic mobile power solution, used for any number of utilities.

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Hussh Pod 5/15

The Hussh Pod 5/15 is a superb 5kva, single-phase (1 x 5kva inverter), 15kw usable lithium ion phosphate battery power Hussh Pod.

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HussPod 10-20

Hussh Pod 10/20

Our Hussh Pod 10/20 is a superb 10kva, single-phase (1 x 10kva inverter), 20kw (usable lithium ion phosphate battery power) Hussh Pod.

This Pod is regularly used to power cabins of tower cranes and lighting rigs and can be operated through a single phase.

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Hussh Pod 30/45

This is a 30kva, 3-phase (1 x 10kva inverter per phase), 45kw (usable lithium ion phosphate battery power) Hussh Pod. It can also easily be reconfigured as a single-phase unit to provide a more powerful unit with the inverters working in parallel.

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