Five major advantages of Battery Energy Storage Solutions

Posted on 29th April 2024 by in Company Update

By Ellen Messias, Operations Director, Power Saving Solutions

Whether you’re organising a large-scale event, major construction project or selling coffee from a van, power will always be needed.
Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) – we call ours Hussh Pods – have become a first choice for building contractors, mobile caterers, and event organisers – because they deliver low-cost renewable energy, minimise diesel usage, and are reliable 24/7. We see more site management teams turn to us, month by month, for our Hussh Pods – because these are proving a more cost-effective and sustainable solution for running lighting, machinery, and other equipment outdoors. Here are the five biggest reasons why hybrid power generators such as Hussh Pods are becoming the new normal across the UK:

1. Carbon-cutting

Over four in five (82%) of FTSE 100 companies are committed to reducing their carbon emissions to zero by 2050, and a similar number of consumers (81%) are more likely to choose and spend more money with environmentally proactive brands¹. As a more sustainable external power solution, Hussh Pods help to reduce the carbon footprint of any project, provide evidence of carbon cutting for sustainability reporting and demonstrate a further commitment to more environmentally-friendly choices. The lithium iron phosphate batteries in Power Saving Solutions’ Hussh Pods help to lower carbon emissions on site by running for as long as possible each day based on site requirements. The system only switches to a diesel generator, or a renewable energy source such as off-grid solar or wind turbine, while the battery recharges each day, in usually 3-4 hours. Our own reporting at Power Saving Solutions has calculated that using a typical Hussh Pod for one month can save four tonnes of CO2, which is the equivalent of circa 20,000 miles in a new average UK car (based on data from

2. Dramatic drop in diesel

While rising diesel costs have had a significant impact on the bottom line of UK businesses, Battery Energy Storage Systems have been the knights in shining armour, delivering sizeable energy cost savings. Using just one Hussh Pod 30/45 can save around £4000 on diesel on a site every month. We know that many Power Saving Solutions’ customer sites are running their Hussh Pod battery for 60 – 70% of the time, which delivers this huge drop in diesel use, resulting in significant CO2 and cost savings.

3. Working 24/7

With uptime a critical factor to the running costs and deliverability of every live event and project, Hussh Pods are remotely monitored, by our team of accredited engineers and digital technicians. A SIM card in each pod constantly relays information back so our engineers are confident that each one is running as expected or can be remotely fixed in 80% of cases. In the rare cases where on-site support is necessary, this is delivered within four hours. This enhanced reliability also means significant travel time, cost, and carbon savings on every project.

4. It’s oh so quiet

Persistent noise, including any made by equipment or machinery, is treated as a statutory nuisance by local authorities, and leads to complaints and potential noise abatement orders from the council. We know first-hand that people get a better night’s sleep whenever Hussh Pods are used. This is because they run far more silently than traditional diesel generators, so bring all the benefits of a quieter environment, and no disturbance to neighbouring homes. In Devon recently, residents made a point of telling our team that the quietness of our Hussh Pod, allowed for a greater nights’ sleep compared to previous years when a diesel generator had been in use. Another situation where noise reduction is a real benefit is on tower cranes in residential or city centre locations that need lighting through the night for visibility to aircraft. If these lights, which are needed from dusk until dawn, are powered by diesel generators, there will be inevitable noise. When Hussh Pods are used, tower cranes can be lit up without any noise pollution affecting anyone living nearby.

5. Anywhere, anytime

Transportable Battery Energy Storage Systems such as the Hussh Pod can go wherever power is needed, from parks and city centres to fields and forests. Whatever the scale of the event or project, there will be a Hussh Pod model, or bespoke version, that can keep the show on the road, day and night. Delivering power to stages, food outlets, and construction sites, our fleet of Hussh Pods across the UK means there is probably one near you now, providing a greener, cleaner alternative to diesel. Find out more about the benefits of Hussh Pod battery storage units at: Contact Us – here

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