How battery energy storage systems (BESS) support the net zero journey

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By Dan Tipper, Business Development Manager, Power Saving Solutions

If you’re on the path to net zero and decarbonisation in your local authority, I realise this is not a simple task.

Councils across the UK are working hard, against a backdrop of growing budgetary and competing pressures, to find ways of delivering their carbon emission reduction targets by 2030¹.

The UK100 point to local-led action as an effective way of saving the UK £140 billion in reaching net zero compared to a top-down approach from central government, while delivering almost double the energy savings and social benefits.

Although some local authority decarbonisation goals may be longer term, there are substantial quick wins that can be implemented now.

One of these is the battery energy storage system.

Highly accessible, easy to implement and providing constant, tangible evidence of energy reductions, these portable energy sources help local authorities to quickly reduce their emissions, deliver clean power and improve sustainability across events and projects.

Here’s why portable battery energy storage systems are a vital part of every council’s net zero strategy:

1. Decarbonisation of power supply

Unlike diesel generators, portable battery energy storage systems are a clean off-grid energy solution that significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Power Saving Solutions’ Hussh Pods run on lithium-iron phosphate batteries, which can power every kind of project or event, ranging from roadworks and temporary classrooms to
Local authority estate works.

Where power load requirements are relatively low, the Hussh Pod can run for most of the day as the primary source of power, and only needs recharging for three to four hours when the batteries are depleted. The primary source of recharging is through a generator, although the Hussh Pod can be connected to renewable energy sources to provide a small amount of charge to power the battery for longer. The level of charge depends on the level of renewable energy generation available.

2. Detailed reporting

For local authorities, regular reporting on energy reductions, carbon footprint improvements and financial savings is simple thanks to telemetric access on each Hussh Pod.

A SIM card in each pod allows remote monitoring, giving an around the clock report on it’s performance. This reporting gives sustainability and climate change officers up to the minute data towards their carbon reduction and cost saving reports.

This remote access also means a team of digital engineers can constantly monitor the performance of each pod and if required, deliver remote fixes over the phone with an 85% success rate . If on-site support is necessary, this is delivered within four hours.

3. Cost reductions

Whenever a local authority utilises a battery energy storage system alongside a diesel generator 24 hours a day, we operate on a 50% saving across our fleet.

Our reports show that just one 30/45 Hussh Pod when paired with a 60 kVA generator averages 50% run time on battery saving £2900 in diesel every single month and just under 6 tonnes in carbon emissions.

4. A visible commitment

Because they are often present in public spaces, portable battery energy systems are a great way for local authorities to visibly showcase their commitment to clean energy.

Our green, super-quiet Hussh Pods are a vibrant, high profile way to share knowledge with the public on transitioning to a low-carbon future.

5. Portable and versatile

Portable battery energy storage systems can be deployed quickly and relocated as needed, making them ideal for temporary events, construction sites, or emergency situations where quick power solutions are required.

They can also be tailored to the specific energy needs of each project or event, helping to optimise energy use and minimise waste.

Integrating portable battery energy storage systems into a net zero strategy is a relatively quick, simple and cost saving move for any local authority, and one that works hand in hand with the UK’s net zero ambitions.

For more details on using Hussh Pod energy storage units as part of your net zero journey: Contact Us – here


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