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Bristol is a city that is nestled on either side of the Avon River. With a long, rich history and consistent population, Bristol has become a cultural mecca in the United Kingdom. Bristol was founded in the middle ages and has continued to flourish throughout England’s best and worst times. Bristol is not only a great place to live, but it also makes a great place to visit on holiday.

Because of the steady stream of visitors and residents within the city limits, there is a huge market for all of the businesses in a successful city.  Restaurants, shops, hospitals, and offices all require one common element to remain in operation: power.

Most of the permanent businesses within city limits will be connected to the city’s power grid to maintain a connection to modern conveniences. But when your business relies on alternate power sources due to location or other obstacles, you might turn to a generator to source your energy.

As portable energy sources became more popular, diesel generators were the most widely selected form of portable power. There is one major issue with the use of diesel generators: they are not environmentally responsible. These generators use massive amounts of diesel fuel and emit dangerous fumes into the air.

This is why hybrid generators hire Bristol have become a popular safe alternative.

Pioneering hybrid generators built for industry allows us to sustainably help the world live in a cleaner environment.

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Who Can Use Hybrid Generator Hire Bristol?

Permanent businesses are typically connected to the city’s resources for power, so you might be wondering why a generator hire Bristol would even be necessary. You might be surprised to learn of the vast number of uses that a hybrid generator can serve.

Any temporary operation can benefit from the service of a generator. Hybrid generator hire in Bristol brings power to remote locations, construction sites, and other operations that are not able to connect to the traditional power grid.

A large number of businesses across the city of Bristol make use of our custom-made power generators each day. To give you a little bit of an idea, our hybrid generators are widely used for:

Social Gatherings

From weddings to parties, there is a huge demand for outdoor entertainment space in the lovely Bristol weather. This can become a bit of an issue when the outdoor space is not equipped with a source of electricity. Using a generator hire allows your space to light up and your guests to enjoy music for an outdoor event.

Business Meetings

We get requests from both corporations and local businesses to rent a temporary power source for a business event.  Whether a corporation is gathering for professional development or a business is gathering to celebrate success, the use of a hybrid generator can help make your event go off without a hitch.

Outdoor Festivals or Concerts

Outdoor festivals and concerts are large, intricate events that require a great deal of power to successfully pull off. Our hybrid generators offer a portable, flexible solution for running sound equipment, lights, and other necessary technology for pulling off this large-scale event.

Construction Zones

During the construction of commercial and residential structures, there is often no source of electricity early in the project. The use of a hybrid generator hire can help to create adequate electricity to run the powerful equipment and make the process of building easier on everyone early in the process.

Hybrid Generator Hire Bristol Offers Major Advantages

Using a hybrid generator hire Bristol service has quite a few advantages over the other options. Some of the benefits include cost efficiency, portability, reliability, noise reduction, and eco-friendliness.

Cost Efficiency

As our hybrid generators use renewable energy to provide you with the power you need, in the short and long run, you will save a lot of money on fuel-related costs. Aside from that, our hybrid generators are a lot less likely to break and require much less maintenance compared to their diesel-based counterparts.


The local power grid can be unreliable for a variety of different reasons. Power is cut off for maintenance, storms cause power loss, and even a car accident can cause the power to shut down. When you have access to a generator, power is far less likely to be interrupted by unpredictable factors.


Our clients often say that they enjoy the fact that they can move their generator hire around easily without issue. When you are working on a construction project, or a festival, this can be beneficial as plans change.


The word hybrid has become almost synonymous with eco-friendly. Hybrid energy refers to energy sources that utilise both renewable and consumable energy sources. In our generators, batteries are utilised as well as fuel to create a power source for your site. This limits the number of toxins that are released into the environment by reducing the fuel needed to run the machine.

Noise Reduction

Older generators made a lot of noise when they were running. Now, you do not have to worry about hearing the generator run while your staff are trying to work. Another benefit is that the neighbours won’t be complaining about noise, at least when it comes to your power generator.

Final Thoughts

At Power Saving Solutions, we strive on providing a quality service built on top of expertise and experience in the energy industry, covering the whole of the UK, including towns such as LiverpoolManchester and Birmingham. All staff behind PSS are fully trained to carry out all of their responsibilities with utmost confidence and care. We are fully committed to providing quality solutions for generator hire Bristol and other major cities all over the United Kingdom.

If you are in need of a reliable source of power, please get in touch with us today.


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