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Like so many of England’s oldest cities, Leicester lies on a large river known as Soar. This has allowed Leicester to be well-known as a port city and a great place to settle down since the Medieval Ages.

Today, Leicester is a city that is busting at the seams. City planners are working on innovative housing solutions as residents continue to pour into the area. While there is not a huge tourist scene, there are frequent visitors to the city from English tourists looking for an area of urban expansion.

With the city expanding rapidly, Leicester needs a reliable source of energy to maintain the charm of a bustling city. Restaurants, shopping centre’s, hospitals, and schools cannot operate without a reliable source of power.

Most of the businesses in Leicester rely on the city power grid to keep their lights on during the evening hours. England can also be quite cold in the winter and electric heaters are a huge commodity in the area.

You might find yourself wondering what other businesses do when they are not connected to the power grid. This is what our business is for. Hybrid generator hire Leicester provides unique and affordable energy for people who find themselves off the grid.

Pioneering hybrid generators built for industry allows us to sustainably help the world live in a cleaner environment.

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Who Can Use Hybrid Generator Hire Leicester?

Permanent businesses, such as restaurants and shops, are typically running power through the city’s power grid. This is a business much like any other that provides electricity as a service. Typically, the power grid is a fairly reliable way to keep the lights on in your business.

However, there are plenty of businesses that require alternative sources of energy. Many of the types of people who request our services are:

Social Gatherings

Party planners and wedding coordinators who like to plan outdoor events often turn to generator hire Leicester to make magic happen. Social events that are located in remote areas and with no power have to have special considerations. Using a generator to source electricity allows your event to happen in your desired location with all of the modern conveniences brought to you by power.

Business Meetings

Corporations often host large business events that require a lot of electricity. From product demonstrations to professional development, having a hybrid generator on hand can help to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Outdoor Festivals or Concerts

Outdoor festivals and concerts are a huge hit in the lovely weather of Leicester in the summer months. Hosting large crowds of people for entertainment requires a great deal of electricity. Generator hire Leicester allows your business to light up your festival and run all of the sound equipment for a large concert.

Construction Zones

Before buildings are connected to the grid, there is often no source of electricity for the workers on a construction site. Connecting to a hybrid generator is a safe and effective way to provide the power needed for your staff to do their job.

Hybrid Generator Hire Leicester Offers Major Advantages

Diesel generators have long been used before hybrid generators became available. Diesel generators are loud machines that often disrupt the working environment. They are also not very environmentally friendly.

Using a hybrid generator brings quite a few advantages over the other options. Some of the core advantages include lower running costs, higher reliability, eco-friendliness, easier portability, and noise reduction.

Cost Efficiency

Hiring pieces of equipment for short-term use is almost always more affordable than purchasing equipment outright. Our hybrid generators are also much less expensive to run than the traditional diesel generator. Because of their hybrid nature, batteries almost never need to be replaced and much less fuel is consumed to run hybrid generators.


From unexpected maintenance to poor weather conditions, the source of your power can be quite unpredictable, even if you are connected to the local power grid. When you use a hybrid generator, you are going to be fully in charge of your power.


One of the biggest benefits of hiring a hybrid power generator is that they are super portable compared to their diesel-based counterparts. This makes these units very simple to move from one place to another if and when needed.


As hybrid generators use renewable energy as their prime source for power generation, they are significantly eco-friendlier as they produce almost no emissions.

Noise Reduction

Back in the day when diesel-based generators were widely used, they made a lot of noise when producing power. Today, with hybrid generators, the level of noise has been dramatically reduced. This is because hybrid generators mainly use energy from an integrated battery as compared to an engine that generators power from diesel.

Final Thoughts

Since Power Saving Solutions was first founded, we have dedicated our entire careers to providing our customers with reliable and affordable power solutions, regardless of their needs. If you are in Leicester or the surrounding area such as Birmingham or Nottingham, and are on the lookout for a temporary hybrid generator, please get in touch today.


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