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Here at Power Saving Solutions, our goal has always been to support your power needs. Our history of being an electrical contractor has allowed us to cater to your individual needs and create a product that’s both versatile but also good for the environment. When you think about “Generator hire Nottingham”, PSS will be the name that comes to mind.

In this post, we’re going to explore why you might want to hire a generator and why PSS is the best option for you.

Why Power Saving Solutions?

We live in an era where modern solutions reign. However, the concept of generators is centuries old. Over time, the big hunks of metal have become more efficient and up to date.

But there was a major kick needed for the off-grid power industry to become even more efficient. To show our participation, we’ve developed our Hussh Pod, a hybrid generator. Our cutting-edge technology has allowed us to bring down energy costs by a fair margin. As a result, we’re decreasing our carbon footprint as well.

Now, coming to the topic of generator hire Nottingham. Why should you hire a generator instead of buying one? There is a multitude of reasons you should do it. It might be financial. It might be ethical.

Let’s take a look at why hiring a generator is better than buying one.

Pioneering hybrid generators built for industry allows us to sustainably help the world live in a cleaner environment.

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It’s Hybrid

You would definitely use hybrid when you learn how it can save you money and save the planet at the same time. Let us help you.

The Hussh Pods are designed to turn off the fuel supply when it’s under low load. There’s no reason to burn gallons of diesel for a light, is there? When our Hussh Pods detect a drop in load, it automatically cuts the fuel and diverts to battery power. The battery is enclosed inside the generator.

It Saves Money

A generator hire is undoubtedly a much cheaper option than buying one. There is a series of expenses when you buy one. First, you have to pay the price for a full system, then come the installation and maintenance. Even if you don’t use your generator during the winter, it will require periodic maintenance.

And generator maintenance is nothing something you can DIY. Only a professional should perform such a delicate task.

As you can see, you’re spending way more than you need to. The solution? Hire a generator right here in Nottingham! Just call us and state your needs, our technicians will take care of you by providing, installing, and maintaining the generators for you.

Generator Hire Nottingham Saves You from Warranty Defaults

We all know the hassle of warranty claims and insurance. Power Saving Solutions is literally your solution to this problem. As you’re just hiring a generator, you don’t have to think about the warranty or the insurance.

Everything is covered in the rent you pay. If something goes wrong, our CSCS certified engineers will take care of it. And it brings us to our next section, customer support.

Customer Support

When you consider generator hire in Nottingham, customer support plays a huge role. What if the generator goes bad in the middle of the night? You need to call someone, right? PSS boasts the best customer experience in the Nottingham area for all our clients.

We’re here for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. We try to respond as soon as we can. When we can’t, the response time might go up to 4 hours. When you consider the number of customers we have in the area, the time will only seem justified.

Steer Clear of the Law

Generator owners unknowingly break the emission laws from time to time. They are not to blame here. You cannot expect people to measure emissions on an individual level. That’s where PSS can save you.

As industry professionals, we’re well-aware of the emission laws in the area. And our Hussh Pods are designed to be environment-friendly. We are constantly improving the mechanics of our generators to make them even more efficient.

However, it’s not unlikely that something might go wrong. And you won’t be able to identify that on your own. But we can. When we perform periodic maintenance, we check for emissions.

The Engineering

The fact that sets our Hussh Pods apart from the rest is constant engineering. Our engineers are already skilled enough to develop such an innovative product. We are also updating our knowledge with the latest information available.

As a result, the products are getting refined by the day. So, when you buy one, it might be a long time before you get another one. But you can always get the latest generator when you go for a rental.

Final Words

It is often hard to find a good place for generator hire in Nottingham on your own. You need to look for industry professionals who know how to handle such a massive sector. Power Saving Solutions is your ultimate low-cost and silent generator for hire in the Nottingham area but also covers areas such as LiverpoolSheffield and Manchester.

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