Hussh Pods expand into Chile & South America

Posted on 13th February 2019 by in Company Update

We’re pleased to announce we have just completed a distribution deal, which will allow our Hussh Pods to used throughout Chile and South America.

Matthew Gilliver, based in Santiago, Chile, will be heading up our South American distribution network. He will be promoting and demonstrating the environmental capabilities as well as the considerable cost savings of the Hussh Pods to business across the continent.

Having worked for Aggreko Greco Generators in South America providing energy solutions across all sectors and with extensive international experience in the energy sector, Matthew knows what his customers need. When he first saw the Hussh Pod, he knew it was the answer to his customers changing requirements.

Matthew said:

“The innovative Hussh Pods provide a win win for business. They deliver reduced emissions, reduced diesel consumption and can be connected to renewable energy sources. With many customers working in remote areas, the constant delivery of diesel is a big drain on resources and makes working remotely expensive. Couple this with the environmental damage from emissions, the Hussh Pods are just what my customers are looking for.”

With Latin America leading the renewable energy revolution with governmental and business policies reflecting the importance of renewable and sustainable energy, particularly within the mining industry, the market is expected to grow significantly.

The mining industry in Chile for example, accounts for approximately 12% of GDP and nearly 55% of exports according to The International Trade Administration (ITA), U.S. Department of Commerce. Also, Chile produces 30% of the copper in the world. With mining taking place in remote locations and environmental issues a growing concern, our Hussh Pods are a great innovative solution for the industry in Chile and throughout Latin America.

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