Hybrid Generators and How they Can Help Your Business

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If you’re a business or property owner, you know how high energy costs have become over the last few decades. As we’re burning through non-renewable energy sources, it’s only understandable. Perhaps you should consider hybrid generators for your business.

In this post, we are going to shed light on some of the most obvious reasons why your business can benefit from hybrid generators. Also, we’re going to detail the mechanics of a hybrid power system.

What are Hybrid Generators?

Before you decide to opt for hybrid power sources on your commercial or residential property, you must understand what it is and that the concept is considered the future of power.

If you’re familiar with the concept of hybrid cars, you’d know that the car runs on both petrol and battery power to reduce costs. The petrol burns to charge the batteries and the batteries run the car.

For hybrid generators, the same concept applies. Instead of using diesel to generate power, there are alternative sources to charge a battery pack. The alternative source is renewable energy like a wind turbine, hydro-power, or even solar power.

As long as the battery is charged, all of your power needs will be taken care of by them. When the battery charge drops below a certain level, the diesel motor kicks in to recharge the battery and assist with the load. And it takes significantly less fuel to charge batteries than to power an entire site.

And all of it is summed up in the Hussh Pods, the innovative hybrid generators from Power Saving Solutions.

Should You Use Hybrid Generators for Your Business?

Let’s look at some of the reasons to make the switch.

Lower Fuel Costs

From a business perspective, this is the biggest reason to invest in a Hussh Pod. Diesel generators are fuel-hungry. They burn litres of diesel every hour. But Hussh Pods run on battery. They are the pinnacle of modern technology that allows the battery packs to deliver as much power as a diesel generator.

The only time you need to burn diesel is when the batteries need charging. It drastically reduces diesel consumption, making it easy for you to cope with the rising energy costs.

Low Maintenance

With low fuel consumption comes low maintenance cost. If you’ve been using diesel generators, you know they require frequent maintenance because of all the moving parts inside. If you don’t perform periodical maintenance, you’re looking at even higher energy costs or a total system shutdown in the long run.

Hybrid generators are free from the shackles. As they mostly run on batteries, the wear and tear are minimal. So, there’s no need for frequent maintenance. Along with saving money on diesel, you’ll save a lot of cash on maintenance as well.

Low Emissions

Another big reason industries are shifting toward hybrid energy. Burning fossil fuel comes with the by-product of carbon dioxide. With time, the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is rising. And it’s resulting in catastrophic scenarios like global warming and climate change.

While you don’t have much to do in the bigger picture, you can start healing the world by yourself. Just by switching to hybrid generators, you can lower the emission up to 80%. That means 80% less carbon into the atmosphere.

The more people turn to hybrid energy, the lower the carbon emissions will become. Power Saving Solution’s Hussh Pods are a great kick start for a cleaner environment.

Low Noise

Noise is a big part of older diesel generators. They make a huge noise when converting diesel into electrical power. It’s bearable if the generators are placed in a soundproof enclosure. But in other cases, they sound like a chaotic dream.

You can eliminate noise pollution completely by opting for hybrid generators. Hybrid generators mostly run on batteries and batteries are silent. The only time you’re going to hear the Hussh Pods is when the batteries get charged.

Continuous Power

With conventional generators, you have only one option for power generation. When you run out of diesel, the generators stop. But what if you need continuous power?

One way would be to assign someone who keeps an eye on the diesel level at all times and refill when necessary. Then again, what if your site is in a distant location where it’s hard to find diesel?

Hybrid generator hire is the answer. As hybrid power systems have more than one source of energy, if one goes down, the backup turns on. For Hussh Pods, when the batteries are discharged, the diesel motor starts to recharge the battery.

Why Power Saving Solutions?

For all your power need in the UK, Power Saving Solutions is the way to go. We have invented Hussh Pods, the super silent hybrid generators that can deliver the same power as a diesel one. We only use the best products from Victron.

Starting our days as electrical contractors, we have shifted toward making power more accessible and more innovative for our consumers.

All of the modern circuitries of the Hussh Pods are enclosed in a strong casing to protect the generators from environmental harm. You can put them in construction sites, hospitals, schools, chemical labs, petrol stations, and any other scenario you can think of.

We can even make custom specifications to perfectly fit your needs. If you don’t want to go ahead and buy hybrid generators right away, you can always go with generators for hire from Power Saving Solutions.

Hybrid generators are the future of energy. And Power Saving Solutions has been a pioneer in this field.

Final Words

If you operate in an industry where you need continuous power, investing in a hybrid generator is one of the wisest moves you can make. Hybrid power sources cut down the operational costs massively.

In the long run, you’ll contribute to safeguarding the environment by reducing your individual carbon footprint. The less noise generated from the Hussh Pods will keep your operations silent, saving you and your neighbours from unwanted distress.

If you’d like to know more about our systems, get in touch!

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