Power Saving Solutions End of Year Recap

Posted on 17th December 2020 by in Company Update

2020 has undoubtedly been the  ‘Year of the Corona Virus’ , but before we elaborate on our year at Power saving solutions , we should pause for a moment to remember all of those people and businesses who have suffered loss due to this horrible disease. We should also follow that with a second thought – to our NHS and Keyworkers. Frankly, we applaud you.

As Covid19 swept into the UK in the early part of the year, we had no idea how the year would pan out. The government offered help to companies with the furlough scheme, and we saw many of both our customers and their customers take up the opportunity of this help.

The good news that came out prior to the (first) lockdown, was that most of our sites and in fact many construction sites could stay open. New socially distanced measures were incorporated and work eventually resumed.

We at Power Saving Solutions were able to make some changes to the way that we worked prior to the pandemic, which made a lot of sense and these have now been incorporated into our standard operating procedures.

When you look at our company strategy; to save our industry fuel, carbon and emissions; to make construction cleaner – it made a lot of sense to reduce the un-necessary travelling and to do as many of our daily and weekly checks as possible remotely.

This meant that 100% of our sites were audited remotely on a weekly basis and that 80% of sites were able to take delivery of our Husshpod without a physical site visit OR they had a site visit with less people. To that end, Our Engineers have now become the sales team (not literally) but, they are the face and often the first point of contact for the business! Where in the past, zoom calls were predominantly the last resort – this flipped to the First Option! This has resulted in thousands of pounds saving in fuel costs and even leasing costs (for vehicles) and of course reduced the CO2 (at the exhaust pipe) created by our teams.

There has been some good news this year – As a business, we have grown significantly in 2020.

The downside of Corona virus brought with it an unexpected opportunity – to  support our industry and the NHS with our units at many of the Covid Testing sites across the UK,  raising utilisation and increasing the hire revenue which gave us an opportunity to invest in, and build more than fifty  new  30/45kWh Husshpod units for the Hire division, than originally anticipated. We are also pleased to announce that we have now stopped production of Lead battery products and are committed to building our New Husshpod fleet around our Lithium Battery Option. Moving  to lithium, allows the product to charge and discharge at an extremely fast rate and discharge deeper – between 80 and 90% which is far better than the AGM units in the industry.

As well as the investment in our Fleet we have also increased our staff bringing in some excellent people. We have invested in the Admin team, the Servicing team and our Sales team.

New Sales & Marketing Director, Mike Robbins

Mike Joined Power Saving Solutions initially in a consultancy role in April 2020, and after a successful six months, He joined us full time in October. Mike, an Ex Royal Engineer, brings a wealth of experience to PSS, having worked across the industry in both Power and Accommodation. He has been at the forefront of the Sustainability and Renewable side of the Hire industry for the past 8 years – Not only bringing both Battery technology and Solar products to the mainstream but also creating the very first Renewable Hire division that introduced and supplied only products that saved the industry Fuel, Carbon, Emissions, and noise. Mike has helped customers and clients alike with numerous nominations for Sustainability awards across both the UK and Europe.

2021 will bring with it many new challenges, as our economy tries to recover following the crazy year that was 2020. We expect to invest in a similar manner and bring more exciting products’.

We would like to thank all of our customers and hire partners – both old and new, for their custom in 2020 – it has genuinely been a pleasure working with you.

We at Power Saving Solutions, wish this year more than ever, that you stay safe, have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New year!

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