When to Use Temporary Power Supplies

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Temporary power supplies, such as our own Hussh Pod range here at Power Saving Solutions, tend mainly to be hired for use on construction sites.

But you will also find them used by some of the largest utility companies in the UK as well as their overseas counterparts. That’s because Telecoms companies here often have a requirement for temporary generators to help them monitor energy output when fitting electricity pylons in remote locations. These are known as staging stations and allow residents there to access the internet and benefit from additional telecoms provision. These require special generators to reduce the number of repeat trips necessary.

Our temporary hybrid generators are also used overseas in remote areas. Mine companies in Australia, for instance, use them to set up lighting towers, while in the Dubai desert they are used for cool storage options during construction projects. In South Sudan they help light up mine clearance areas and in Nigeria the generators are invaluable when setting up remote telecoms towers.

Back here in the UK Events specialists regularly hire mobile and temporary generators to provide electricity for music and lightning at festivals, weddings, parties and even to power outside broadcasts. Below we have gone into more detail about how exactly outside power generators can help in a number of ways for both builders and Events crews.

But don’t forget domestic storage requirements either. Thanks to the popularity of home renewables energy projects such as solar panels and wind turbines, our hybrid generators are making a mark in this sector too. They are used by home owners to store electricity they have saved via their renewables and that they don’t need at a particular time (ie summer). This can then be used during high-energy need months, such as during the winter period. This doesn’t affect the homeowner’s ability to raise money via current feed-in tariffs schemes. But, what it does do, is provide them with options which otherwise wouldn’t have been available.

Temporary power supplies: The Hussh Pod

But first – what’s so special about our own Hussh Pod? Well, for starters, those interested in ‘green’ matters and eco-friendly devices will love it. That’s because when the need for energy is low the generator turns off the need for diesel and opts for its own internal battery power instead. So, as well as using less diesel the Hussh Pod also reduces CO2 emissions. And, as an added plus, it also cuts down on noise pollution.

And there is even more good news – advances in technology in recent years means hybrid generators aren’t just more energy-efficient and ‘clean,’ they are also coming down in cost. So, it’s a win-win for everyone!

A Hussh Pod for every occasion

You will find the Hussh Pod also comes in various sizes to suit from small to larger projects. The smallest is the Hussh Pod 1/2., providing 2kw of usable battery power. This is a mobile generator which can be used for providing power to lighting rigs, as well as water pumps, most types of hand tools and even extraction fans. Plug it into the mains or to a typical diesel generator set-up.

The Hussh Pod 30/45 is our largest generator and the most popular for typical business site set-ups. It can be charged and used with existing renewable energy solutions or with a standard diesel gen-set. This particular Pod also contains a

a full monitoring and data platform. This means you will be able to monitor its current use and compare it with previous or future output. There is even an around-the-clock, 365-day email alarm set-up which can warn you if there’s a potential problem with the generator.

Temporary power supplies for construction sites

Self-build projects. It could be that you are building yourself a new home from scratch. If so, you will certainly need a temporary electricity supply to allow you to plug electrical drilling and other equipment into. The generator will also let you know whether or not the lighting in your new home is working, or if the heating is plumbed in properly.

Then again, if you plan to stay on-site while building your new home then you’ll also need somewhere to live. Staying in a portacabin or caravan means you’ll need a generator to ensure you have the home comforts of heating and lighting, as well as TV and internet access.

Large construction sites. Air compressors, hand drills, chain saws, battery chargers, circular saws and electric welders – just some of the tools used at large construction sites and which are powered by a temporary generator.

Gone are the days of paper trails. Today, surveyors, architects, project managers etc use laptops and computers to log in data and keep up-to-date with project specifications. On remote sites, a generator is crucial for the admin and planning side of large-scale construction.

Then there is the need for lighting, heating and electrical power to keep fridges, air conditioning and kitchen equipment in full working order in temporary living accommodation provided for construction workers.

Temporary power supplies for special events

No event is complete without lighting and sound. As for heating – it depends on what time of year the occasion is taking place. But, certainly, to create atmosphere you need the ambiance of lighting and the energy and impetus that sound brings with it.

So, it could be you are using your generator for a wedding or special celebratory birthday party. Then again, perhaps you are a music promoter and keen to bring local bands to prominence via a music festival in your area?

Temporary power supplies for static holiday sites

Chalet parks, caravan parks and other holiday accommodation provide comfortable living these days. And that means providing guests with full working kitchen accessories, lighting, heating and internet access.

Not only that, but facilities, such as heating swimming pools, bars, restaurants and children’s play areas often require energy input too.

A little bit about us…

Here at Power Saving Solutions we both design and manufacture our own special off-grid Hussh Pod solutions for a range of industries and domestic use. These are affordable, up-to-date and greener than a lot of generators out there.

Rest-assured our engineers are all CSCS-accredited and we encourage them to regularly up-skill in the latest technologies, methodologies and techniques. We achieve this at our own purpose-built training area in Ollerton.

But it is not only our engineers that are first-class – the components we use are the best in the business too (we only use the highest grade of Sheffield Steel, for instance). It’s why we manage to produce a generator that’s so low in emissions yet still performs to a very high standard. It’s also extremely cost-effective.

You can also rely on 24/7 support service, 365 days of the year – and a response time of within four hours.

Get in touch!

Want to know more about our generators and team? Then get in touch with us here at Power Saving Solutions. We will be happy to come out to assess your site and discuss all your energy needs. Contact us by telephone on +44 (0)3030 310409 or send us an email via enquiries@powersavingsolutions.co.uk. You can also download a brochure from our website www.powersavingsolutions.co.uk today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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