Resolving the Red Diesel Tax Reform One Pod at a Time

Posted on 23rd May 2022 by in Hybrid Generator

Red diesel has given businesses an easy fuel budget solution since the Nineties. This colourful fuel powers bulldozers and harvesters and it feeds heat sources. It’s cost-effective and allowed agricultural and commercial businesses to escape the constraints of an ever-rising fuel price. Those days have come to an end, though. Tax treatment reforms have come into effect as the government invents new incentives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The UK’s ambitious climate change strategy has been structured to make sure businesses pay for the emissions they create. Removing the red diesel tax rebate is an obvious first step. Red diesel represents 15% of the UK’s fuel usage and accounts for 8% of PM10 emissions. Those numbers are significant, and they become increasingly important with every rise in global warming.

As of 1 April 2022, only the agricultural sector will enjoy the benefits of red diesel entitlements. Lots of sites have seen increases of up to 300% increase in fuel costs which have been catastrophic to businesses that are still trying to recover from the economic effects of the COVID pandemic. For some, the change has added thousands of pounds to monthly fuel expenses, but there is a solution to that crisis. It’s called Hussh Pod Battery Power, and it brings renewable energy to any job site.

How it Works

Hussh Pods started taking over the hybrid generator market long before red diesel tax incentives were threatened. There’s a reason for that: They can interface with any renewable energy source as well as standard diesel gen-sets. That means you can use everything from solar panels to fuel cells to fuel your generator. The most powerful Hussh Pod in the range is equipped with a 30kva inverter and 45kw battery. If you need something a little lighter, there is also a 20kw, 10kva output model with 5,000 cycles of battery life. Each pod recharges in a maximum of four hours. If that set-up doesn’t serve you, the technology can be reconfigured into a single-phase unit. You can even create a more potent power source by attaching several pods in parallel. Now all you need to do is charge your unit and enjoy the savings.

Each hybrid setup consists of a generator and a pod. By day, the generator takes care of your site’s heaviest power loads while charging your pod. After the sun sets, your pod will enter low power mode automatically, which reduces noise and carbon emissions. If necessary, you can change your charging schedule or program your setup to turn itself on when extra power is required. The technology can also interface with smart power distribution strategy. That ability is more powerful than you might think. Building your own smart power grid lets you benefit from diverse technologies and optimise their usage along the way. That’s something your logistics manager would pay good money for.

How Much Power?

The industrial generator industry has long been plagued by heavy prices and power shortages. Until now, the sector has relied on expensive products with 7-core internal parts and mechanical engines. The Hussh Pod has arrived in an industry that’s desperate for a more affordable power source. This hybrid solution offers 30kva inverter output, 5,000 cycles of battery life, and 45 kilowatts of usable lithium ion phosphate battery storage. It can be recharged in a mere four hours and is usually attached to a 20 to 65kva diesel gen-set. Insufficient power? No problem. Simply connect your generators in parallel. This will amplify your power, improve weight distribution, and allow for load-sharing. Hussh Pods are potent enough to serve the world’s most power-hungry industries, from rail and construction to telecoms and utilities.

Solving Power Problems in Unreachable Places

Hussh pods are easy travellers. They’re light, compact, and independent, so they’ve brought welcome ease to hard-to-reach locations. Refuelling trips are expensive logistical nightmares that rarely support reduced carbon emissions. With Hussh Pods at your side, you can bring renewable power to the remotest locations and enjoy the benefits of automated fuel level warnings—no grid necessary.

Extra Benefits

With Hussh Pod on your team, you can reduce your diesel usage, access renewable energy, and improve your air quality. You can finally relegate C02 emissions to the past and find your way out of a tough budget. Your on-site team will be healthier and happier, which means extra productivity and fewer sick days. This exciting power source offers digital benefits to boot. You can program its on/off schedule, so you’ll be free to focus on more important things. The pod can function according to your site load data, too. The information you receive from your hybrid system can help you to adjust your power usage and build a tighter budget.

Hybrid Power in the Construction Industry

The construction industry is notorious for its C02 output, but hybrid generators are equipped to solve the problem. Adaptable Hussh Pods can cope with extreme environments without a loss of efficiency, and since they can work with a wide range of power ratings, they’re adaptive to the size of your infrastructure. They operate silently, so they’ve become a favourite at worksites that must function through the night. Better yet, you can attach your pod to wind turbines and solar panels, effectively removing your diesel dependency entirely.

Adjusting to the Rail Industry

Adaptability is one of Hussh Pod’s greatest assets. With enough creativity, you can custom-build your battery power set up for any application. For that reason, hybrid pods have brought welcome change to a huge range of businesses across industries. Transportation businesses have enjoyed particularly pronounced benefits. Several Hussh Pod clients in the sector have reinvented themselves by building solar power into their remote locations.

Power Saving Solutions creates bespoke pods for unique needs. They can be used near water, at height, and on harsh terrain. Your pod will even send you an email when your site experiences power problems.

You don’t need a continuous electricity supply if you have a few Hussh Pods and a little sunlight, so today’s businesses can finally achieve full functionality miles from the nearest fuel source. Red diesel tax reform might be scary, but with Hussh Pods at your side, it could signal the beginning of a better logistics strategy and reduced costs.

If you’d like to know more about how a hybrid power solution could help your company save money, get in touch with us Power Saving Solutions.

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