A Clean Generator for Generating Electricity

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Electricity has become such an integral part of our lives that we can’t really do anything without it. From something as small as charging your mobile phone to running a hospital around the clock, you will need direct and uninterrupted access to electricity.

With the advancement in technology, access to electricity via the national power grid has become widely accessible. While easy access to power is a good thing, such wide accessibility has put the power grid under immense pressure, making it more prone to blackouts.

While your mobile phone can wait, a hospital cannot afford to experience a power cut because patient’s lives often depend on systems and equipment, which, you guessed, rely on constant access to power.

In other cases, power generators are used for powering up venues and activities in remote places that are away from the power grid. If you plan on establishing a remote laboratory or a food truck, you’d need access to power.

Over the years, as awareness around global warming continues to grow, a new kind of power generators have come into the market – clean power generators or hybrids.

Before we get into the benefits, let’s first take a look at what clean generators are.

What Is a Clean Generator?

In simple terms, a clean generator is a device that converts mechanical energy from clean power sources into electrical energy for use.

Clean energy is produced using clean renewable power sources that don’t have any negative environmental impact, such as releasing greenhouse gasses. The most common clean power sources are solar and wind, as they are most widely accessible.

Clean generators use power sources like solar and wind to generate and store electricity within an integrated battery. This battery essentially stores power that can be tapped into either continuously or on-demand, depending on your needs.

If you are running a health clinic, such a power generator would be great as it can provide immediate power to the entire facility should there be an outage, leaving patient systems and other equipment unaffected.

Clean generators not only use clean power sources for producing power but also produce clean energy, which is safe to be used by appliances and equipment.

Clean energy isn’t an obvious issue while selecting a hybrid or clean generator, but it should be if you are looking towards all options. Although most standard generators produce alternate current (AC) with the right amount of voltage for the appliances, it doesn’t mean it is necessarily clean enough for sensitive appliances like computers, mobile devices, etc. Clean generators are designed in a way to filter out all voltage irregularities and lessening harmonic distortions to produce stable clean electricity.

Now that you know what a clean generator is, let’s look at some of the benefits of using a clean generator over a standard diesel-powered electricity generator.

Benefits of Using A Clean Generator Over Conventional Generators

As clean generators become more and more advanced, the benefits of using a hybrid generator greatly start to outweigh the advantages of using a conventional, fuel-based generator.

If you aren’t already familiar with using clean generators, some of the advantages include:

  1. Clean Generators Are Eco-Friendly

The nature of clean generators allows them to be a more eco-friendly solution as compared to their fuel-based counterparts. Clean generators use renewable energy as a source of power for handling lower demand for electricity. Thus, their carbon footprint is practically non-existent until they start using fuel to generate experience when the demand for power exceeds the capacity that batteries alone can handle.

  1. Batteries – The Primary Source of Power: No Fuel Expense

If you use a fuel-based power generator as your main source of electricity, you likely spent quite a bit of money on fuel every year. By utilising a clean generator, you can forget about all fuel expenses that your conventional power generator is responsible for.

This is because clean generators use renewable energy such as solar or wind to generate power rather than diesel.

  1. Sound of Silence!

All conventional generators, especially those working using diesel, tend to make quite the noise when the motor runs to generate electricity. It can be a nuisance if the generator is placed in a residential area or a business place where noise can distract people and hamper their performance at work.

Clean generators operate in silence as they store power in their integrated batteries. Thus, such an eco-friendly and silent solution to your power nights might be advantageous if you need power in residential areas, office space, libraries, hospitals, schools, and others.

  1. Safe Clean Power

Clean generators produce stable and irregularly filtered voltage to keep all the sensitive appliances safe from getting short-circuited, over-heating, or sometimes completely frying inside out. Clean energy is preferred for electrical devices that are very sensitive to power fluctuations like laptops, mobile phones, DSLR Camera, and more.

Thus, if you require power for sensitive devices, you must take the right level of precautions and opt-in for using a clean generator.

  1. Low Maintenance – More Savings

Clean or hybrid generators are very compact and require very low maintenance, which can be done with very minimal training as compared to conventional diesel type generators. This is because a clean generator operates via a battery rather than a motor, which is a lot less prone to breaking or malfunctioning.

Thus, repair costs associated with your clean generator are not only a lot less likely but significantly less in the rare event that such work needs to be carried out.

Below, you can find some tips on maintaining your clean generator.

How to Maintain Your Hybrid or Clean Generator

Checking connections: Loose or worn-out connections can lead to problems. So, all components of the clean generator should be checked regularly. If you don’t have such experience, we recommend that you seek the services of a professional.

Clean the generator’s exterior and its surroundings: Keeping the exterior and the surrounding clean can minimise the dust around the system, which will prevent the overall generator from overheating and performing to its optimal levels.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, moving to more environmentally-friendly solutions is the future. This also applies to power generators. Thus, hybrid, or also known as clean generators, have become the mainstream solution for backup power or for providing a source of electricity to a remote location.

Whether you are looking to set up a food truck at a car boot sale, plan a wedding on the beach, or need a solution for back up power in case of a power outage, you should consider getting your hands on clean generators.

Over the last several years, at Power Saving Solutions (PSS), we have provided a large number of businesses locally in Nottingham but also across the UK with environmentally-friendly clean generators.

If you are looking for a pollution-free solution to your power needs, you can contact us today, and we can tailor-make a power solution for your exact power requirements.

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