The Hussh Pod 1/2 – A Small Hybrid Generator for Hire

Posted on 21st May 2020 by in Mobile Battery Unit

As the global awareness around climate change continues to rise, new and exciting eco-friendly technologies are breaking through on the market, replacing their old-fashioned, air-polluting counterparts.

Nowadays, everyone needs access to power. Whether you are looking to run your own food truck at a remote location or want a reliable and affordable solution to powering up your home and charging your Tesla, the need for power is everywhere around us.

If you take a look at construction sites, sporting venues, hospitals, schools, and many more are already using power generators. The problem is that most times, the power generators used are diesel-based, which are highly polluting to the environment, both in terms of carbon dioxide and noise.

The bigger issue is the lack of awareness in the energy industry about new alternative and competitive solutions that are in times better for the environment than diesel-based generators.

At Power Saving Solutions (PSS), we are dedicated to providing your business with new advanced energy solutions. One such solution is our Hussh Pod 1/2 battery pack. Below, you can find more about this great innovation in technology that is now becoming mainstream in the energy market.

Benefits of Small Generator Hire

Emergency Power
If your business provides an essential or critical service, you can’t afford to not have power at any time, especially if you are in the medical sector. Thus, you can greatly benefit from small generator hire.

These small generators are ideal for supplying power to front-line medical facilities, allowing them to deliver high-quality treatment using medical equipment even during power outages. The emergency power from these small portable hybrid generators can save lives in a state of emergency when access to regular electricity from the grid is unavailable.

Whether you operate in such an energy-reliant industry or not, no business can afford to lose precious time or money due to sudden power outages.

Small hybrid generators are very light and small as compared to conventional diesel-based generators, which makes them easily transportable from one place to another. Despite their compact design, these generators and their power-generating abilities cannot be underestimated.

Direct Power to Tools in Remote Locations
Such small power generators are great for powering up tools at construction sites where access to electricity from the power grid is unavailable. In addition, construction work becomes much easier during the night as these small hybrid generators can easily power up lighting systems while providing power for tools.

Noise Free Power Generation
Such small hybrid generators are completely noise-free as they don’t generate their power using diesel. Thus, rather than a motor, these power generators use a battery, which is where the power is withdrawn from. This process is noise-free.

Power for Recreation
We are living in a technology-based world, where power is required whether you are planning on camping in a remote location or carrying out an outdoor event. Thanks to the ease of use, portability, and mobility of such eco-friendly power generators, you can host a party or an event at the beach or other remote location where access to the power grid is unavailable.

After recognising the huge potential and demand for eco-friendly, performing, and reliable power solutions, at Power Saving Solutions (PSS), we developed our own power generator and called it the Hussh Pod.

Why Choose Power Saving Solution’s Hussh Pod? – A Suitcase Generator Hire

Power Saving Solutions is renowned for its top-quality power-saving solutions. The Hussh Pod is a modern age small mobile battery pack integrated with the latest cutting-edge technology built from the highest grade of Sheffield steel and heavy-duty wheels for optimal longevity.

Our Hussh Pod 1/2 is a powerful, portable, and noise-less lithium-based power generator with a power rating of 2kwh, which is enough to power up many small to medium electrical appliances. The Hussh Pod 1/2 is capable of delivering reliable, clean, and safe energy for power tools, small lighting rigs, sound PAs, and more.

With its lightweight and portable design, the Hussh Pod 1/2 can be easily carried by two people or be repositioned using its wheels as per your requirements. And is the best solution to powering up lighting and power tools at construction sites, in narrow tunnels, and in small space areas without having to worry about carbon emission and noise. You can get all the specific information about Hussh Pod here.

Other benefits of choosing the Power Saving Solution’s Hussh Pod as suitcase generator hire include:

Suitability – You don’t need to buy different generators for different uses as the Hussh Pod is flexible and easy to move as per your needs and requirements.

Versatility – Once the work is done, the lithium batteries of the Hussh Pod can be charged again easily by plugging them into a 13amp or 16amp supply socket. In other words, you need a direct source of power in order to recharge the Hussh Pod. You can also recharge the battery of the Hussh Pod by using renewable energy should you be located off the grid.

Eco-Friendly and Easy to Use – The Hussh Pod is built to be not only user-friendly and safe to use, but also to be very mobile in case you need to take it from one place to another. On top of that, the lithium batteries allow for the eco-friendly generation of power, meaning that you don’t need to worry about pollution should you have the generator indoors.

Remote Access – After your suitcase generator is delivered and you have started generating power, using the web-based app for the Hussh Pod, you can make adjustments as per your needs to get maximum efficiency from it. All power data consumption reports are also available in live feeds, which can be accessed 24/7 from your mobile devices or laptop.

Robust Build – At Power Saving Solution (PSS), we understand that you may have to work in extreme environmental conditions, which require comprehensive power solutions.

Our Hussh Pods are designed with the goal of providing you with the power that you need while minimising your involvement in running or maintaining these systems.

Best Power Solution Services in the UK – Power Saving Solutions

Whether you are a construction company looking for an eco-friendly and affordable power generator or an education or health institution looking for backup generators in case of an emergency, at Power Saving Solutions, we are here to help, whatever your case may be, whatever the requirements.

We can tailor-make each Hussh Pod as per your exact requirements for power to ensure that you don’t spend a penny more than you need to. Get in touch today to find out more about our Hussh Pods 1/2 and get your first suitcase generator.

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