An opportunity to reset C02 emissions and how hybrid power solutions will be a pivotal point to a clean energy transition

Posted on 28th April 2020 by in Clean Energy

Almost everything you read at the moment, be it online or in your local newspaper, everyone is talking about COVID-19. In a matter of months, the world has transformed in an effort to reduce the death toll brought on by the virus. In cities, where there is normally a bustling lifestyle of people going to and from their place of work — streets are deserted. Businesses large and small, pubs, clubs, theatre, even parks have been closed in an effort to keep people holed up at home practising social distancing and working remotely.

There is an environmental silver lining

All these drastic measures adopted across the world, in an attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19 has inadvertently created some unexpected results. As industries, transport networks and businesses have closed down, it has brought a sudden drop in carbon emissions.

“Compared with this time last year, levels of pollution in New York have reduced by nearly 50% because of measures to contain the virus”. Martha Henriques – BCC Future March 2020

In China, Carbon reported that emissions fell 25% at the start of the year as people were instructed to stay at home. The proportion of days with “good quality air” was up 11.4% compared with the same time last year in 337 cities across China, according to its Ministry of Ecology and Environment. In Europe, satellite images show nitrogen dioxide (NO2) emissions fading away over northern Italy. A similar situation to Spain and the UK.

A pivotal point for renewable energy solutions

According to the International Energy Agency, which is preparing a report for the guidance of governments as they are drawing up stimulus packages to get their economies firing again, suggests that now is a perfect opportunity to build a secure and sustainable energy future by investing in development, deployment and integration of clean energy technologies – such as solar, wind and batteries. Key benefits highlighted is the costs of key renewable technologies, such as solar and wind, are far lower than during previous periods when governments launched stimulus packages.

Hybrid power solutions

There are a number of major players in the market that are well-positioned to offer a hybrid power solution to the industry that utilises renewable energy to greatly reduce carbon emissions — providing a cleaner environment.

At Power Saving Solutions, we have designed and manufactured a hybrid power solution called the Hussh Pod. The Hussh Pod can be manufactured to almost any power size and currently are available in four different stored battery power solutions, from 2Kw to 45Kw of usable battery storage.

The Hussh Pod is a hybrid generator, which means it is paired with another source of energy, such as a diesel generator — a controlled source. Or another device which generates electricity from a non-electrical power source such as hydro-power, wind turbine, solar power etc. Once connected to a power source, the Hussh Pod hybrid generator batteries, once charged, will feed the main power supply from the charge stored in the batteries, thus eliminating the need for fuel generators to be operating continuously.

The benefits of a hybrid generator speaks for itself:

Reduced NO2 and Carbon Emissions resulting in cleaner air.

Lower fuel bills: Hybrid generators help to reduce fuel bills, as the use of the fuel generator set (diesel, petrol etc.) is required only for the times that the batteries are not being used. The generator is only used to ensure that the hybrid generator batteries remained charged whilst maintaining constant power. This also means that there are fewer visits to the site for both fuelling and Servicing.

Less noise pollution: Unlike traditional diesel generator sets, hybrid generators offer completely silent power.

Fully automated system: Hybrid Power Solutions have an innovative control system which can monitor the operation and balance the time spent on battery, renewable energy and generator. It will also notify the user about the status of the system.

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