A powerful, portable, silent lithium iron phosphate generator. It comes with a rating of 2kwh – enough to power most small to medium applications. The Hussh Pod is still small enough to be carried by two people and delivers reliable, clean, energy without the need for fossil fuel.

The Hussh Pod has unparalleled performance especially in confined working environments.  Maintenance work in tunnels where lighting and small hand tools are required the Hussh Pod will deliver silent and emission free power. Your team is then not subjected to harmful emissions or noise pollution which can lead to health complications.

The Pod is a single phase (1 x 1.2kva inverter, and 2kw of useable battery power) Hussh Pod.

The Hussh Pod can be charged and used in conjunction with any number of renewable energy solutions, standard diesel gen-set or plugged into the mains.

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Hussh Pod 1/2 Specification

All Hussh Pod units can be supplied in lead acid, lithium or OPZv formats, depending on the most appropriate solution for the task. All of these battery compounds have different properties, making them suitable for different applications. For instance, while lead acid can be discharged to 50% of the total charge, lithium ion and OPZv can be discharged to 80% of a full discharge.

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