A quest to help maintain a remote Norwegian Farm’s ability to keep their machinery operational

Posted on 15th March 2020 by in Partnerships

Our continued strategic partnership with Suno, one of Norway’s largest installers of off-grid renewable power solutions has notched up another success story.

Suno Installatjons is based in Bergen, Norway and is a major player in the renewable energy space. As part of their product and service offering, Suno will offer the Hussh Pod as part of their service of providing complete off-grid power-saving solutions.

Their first challenge was to help a remote farm in Eastern Norway who have battled with the continual problem of maintaining enough energy to charge the batteries of the farm machinery, in a part of the country where grid power was an unreliable source of continued power.

They were depended, in the past, on diesel generators to charge their batteries and decided it was time to upgrade to a more sustainable and reliable source to power to do the job, and remain connected to their existing 17kw solar array.

The challenge facing PSS and Suno was not only the extreme weather conditions, but the power grid is also 230-volt 3 phase no neutral — which is different from the standard 415-volt, 3 phase power of the UK.

With collaboration from our components supplier, Victron Energy, we were able to reconfigure the operating system of one of our Hussh Pod 30/45 to run on 230-volt power and operate flawlessly.

With one of our larger hybrid generator Hussh Pods connected to the Norwegian Farm’s existing 17kw solar array we, together with Suno, are confident that there will be a reliable source of renewable energy to maintain a renewable source of energy to power the farm’s machinery.

This is a true example of a collaborative partnership between PSS, Suno and Victron Energy to not only find a solution to what seemed an impossible task to keep a remote farm in Eastern Norway operational for some time to come.

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