Generator Efficiency: What is it and Why it Matters?

Posted on 23rd February 2020 by in Hybrid Generator, Clean Energy

Generator efficiency is not something you can’t control. The efficiency of the system depends on the quality of fuel, how well the equipment is built, and how well it is maintained. But there is a sure fire way to increase your power efficiency.

And that would be hybrid generators. More and more industries are moving toward hybrid power systems for their power needs. They’re effective and they can bring down the operational costs by a fair margin.

In this post, our goal is to look at some scenarios where hybrid generator efficiency is beneficial for you.

What is Generator Efficiency?

While the concept of electrical efficiency is very complex, understanding it is not. In layman’s terms, efficiency is the ratio of input and output. How much are you getting in return for your input?

For example, let’s assume that a generator generates 1000 watts of electricity for 1 litre of diesel. Again, this is a fictional scenario so the real numbers will vary.

The question is, are you getting your 1000 watts for your 1-liter diesel? If you do, it’s 100% generator efficiency. But in reality, no electric motor is 100% efficient. There is energy lost in heat, noise, and generating by products like carbon dioxide.

If you get 700 watts from a generator rated for 1000 watts, it’s a 70% efficient generator.

When it comes to real-life applications, the efficiency of the generator varies dramatically. It depends on the weather of the area, the quality of fuel used, the frequency of the maintenance performed, the overall condition of the generator, etc. However, you can drastically improve your generator efficiency by opting for a hybrid one from Power Saving Solutions.

What is a Hybrid Generator?

In conventional generators, you provide diesel to the motor and it converts the fossil fuel into electrical power. That’s how generators have been operating since their inception. But as we’re coming close to a fuel crisis in the near future, the industry is in serious need of alternative energy sources.

Hybrid generators are one of the many steps taken to prevent a crisis from happening. Power grids are already shifting toward renewable energy resources like wind power, hydro-power, solar energy, and so on.

The same principle applies to hybrid generators. Along with the traditional diesel motor, there is another source of power, usually batteries. The batteries charge from renewable energy like a wind turbine or solar panels. When it’s not possible, the backup diesel generator is turned on to charge the batteries.

What it does is increases the generator efficiency. Charging a battery with solar power doesn’t produce heat or chemical waste as a byproduct. So, the energy lost is very little. Even when the diesel motor is used, it’s used to charge the batteries rather than powering the appliances.

As you can see, the conversion of power is as efficient as it can get with hybrid power systems. And that’s exactly why you should move to Hussh Pods from Power Saving Solutions.

What Are Some Features of Hybrid Generators?

Generator efficiency depends on a few different variables. There is more to the ratio of input and output when the efficiency of the generators is calculated. You should leave the calculations to the professionals. Rather, let’s take a look at what features you can enjoy when you opt for a Hussh Pod.

Save Money in the Long Run

The first and most important reason for you to invest in hybrid power is the money you’re going to save. It might seem like a farfetched idea in the beginning. But you’ll soon realize it yourself.

When you don’t have to rely on diesel alone for your purposes, you can save a ton on fuel costs. Diesel is getting expensive as the crude oil levels are going down. So, choosing an alternative to diesel is a great way for you to improve your business’s overall efficiency.

Moreover, generator efficiency is highly dependent on the condition of the motor. The older it gets, the more fuel it burns. And you need regular maintenance to keep the motor in good shape.

A hybrid generator eliminates the need for quick maintenance. You do need to perform it, just not as frequently. As the Hussh Pods mostly generate power from batteries, there is nothing for you to maintain in the meantime.

As you can see, you can save a lot of money in fuel and maintenance costs when you opt for a hybrid generator like the Hussh Pods.

Place it Anywhere

Another huge perk of hybrid generators is that you can place them anywhere. For conventional diesel generators, you need open space to ensure adequate air circulation. And those are quite large in size. The generator efficiency will go down if the conditions are not met.

That’s not the case with Hussh Pods. These are substantially smaller than regular generators and can provide the same amount of power. The efficiency is constant because the alternative power sources are not dependent on environmental catalysts.

Less Noise

Did you know noise is a huge factor when it comes to generator efficiency? Sound is generated by vibration. When two or more parts collide, they create vibrations in the air and we hear it as noise. The louder the noise, the more energy goes into creating the vibration.

So, you should understand by now that the loud noise traditional generators create is part of the reason they are inefficient. It’s not to the level that it hinders its performance. But everything adds up in the long run.

As for Hussh Pods, nothing is colliding inside the casing. The batteries are getting charged and delivering power. There is noise, but it will be a challenge for you to hear it. Only when the diesel motor kicks in, you can hear it. So, you can imagine that the generator efficiency of the hybrid ones is higher than regular ones.

Last Words

The power industry is constantly looking for ways to improve generator efficiency. Power Saving Solutions also want the best for its consumers. The Hussh Pods are designed to replace the huge, inefficient, and outdated diesel generators. Whether you need to hire a generator or buy one, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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