Green Power Generator over Standard Fuel

Posted on 29th March 2021 by in Hybrid Generator

There is no secret that renewable energy is the future. As conventional fuel reserves all over the world continue to dry up at tremendously fast rates, developing countries are beginning to take advantage of natural resources that are better for the environment and provide unlimited amounts of power for the future.

But, how is this shift in power production going to affect everyday users? In this article, we will look at the benefits of using a green power generator compared to its standard fuel counterpart.

But, before we do that, we need to understand what green power is all about.

What is Green Power?

Green power is a subset of renewable resources that are generated mainly using naturally replenishing resources such as solar, water, wind, etc. Green power sources are with the lowest burden on the environment as they do not produce additional carbon dioxide or any other greenhouse gases during the process of generation.

Green power can also lead to stable power prices for everyone in the long run as these sources are produced locally and are affected by any political issues, economic crisis, or supply chain disruptions.

Benefits of green power:

  1. The sources of green power are naturally renewable resources that are never exhaustible to some extent.
  2. Do not produce harmful gases during the generation process.
  3. Green power is environmentally friendly.
  4. Green power is cost-effective for the long term as compared to conventional non-renewable power sources, which only rise in price as their supply reduces while the demand increases.

Types of Green Power

The primary sources of green power are wind power, solar power and hydroelectric power. Solar power is the most easily accessible and can also be generated at people’s homes or on a small scale fairly easily.

The most common types of green power are as follows:

  • Solar Power

The most common type is usually generated using photovoltaic cells (the core of solar panels) that capture sunlight and convert it into electricity. The great thing about those is that they can be taken advantage of virtually anywhere on the planet as long as there is direct sunlight.

  • Wind Power

Open lands, offshore places, and higher altitude sites are most preferable as the wind flows at a higher speed which can push the turbines of windmills to generate a greater level of electricity.

  • Hydro Power

Also known as hydroelectric power, generated using the flow of water in rivers, streams and dams. It is one of the most powerful methods for generating power but can also be one of the most expensive due to its nature.

  • Geothermal Power

This type of renewable energy source uses thermal energy that has been stored just under our earth’s crust. Geothermal energy has been used for bathing in hot springs for thousands of years, and this same resource can be used to create steam, which turns turbines and generates electricity.

  • Biomass Power

This is a type that needs to be carefully managed in order to be truly labelled as a ‘green energy’ source. It’s a kind of conditional green power that depends on how it is produced. Biomass power plants use wood waste, sawdust and combustible organic agricultural waste to create energy. While the burning of these materials releases a greenhouse gas, which is harmful to the environment, these emissions are still far lower as compared to conventional fuels.

After discussing the benefits of green power, we can now understand better how green power generators are better than standard fuel or conventional type generators.

What Is a Green Power Generator and How It Works?

A green power generator is a converter that extracts electricity from green power sources. The most common examples of green power generators are solar panels which convert solar power to electricity for use in our homes and other power-demanding purposes. Green power generators are also known as hybrid generators, which work alongside fuel-based generators for supplying the site with power when the requirements for electricity are relatively low.

Green power generators are used to convert electricity and then store it in attached batteries so that it can be used on demand for a more eco-friendly operation.

What Makes our Generators Better Than a Conventional Standard Fuel Generator?

Some of the main reasons to consider green power generators for your new business, project, or event include:

  • Environmental Friendly

Green power generators combine renewable sources of power with conventional fuel to supply power. Therefore, the diesel engine is not required to run continuously, reducing the carbon emission output over time.

  • Reduction in Noise Pollution

Green power generators produce less noise as compared to standard fuel generators.

  • Lower Fuel Consumption

As Green power generators use natural resources to generate electricity, which is stored in integrated batteries, you will have less need for the use of fuel, which will, in turn, reduce your fuel costs.

  • Uninterrupted Power Supply

When the grid fails, or a power outage occurs, the system can automatically detect it and begin to supply power through the pre-loaded battery without a hitch. With a fully automated programming system, it’s much easier to get an uninterrupted power supply.

  • Offgrid Supply

In places where power supply from the electricity grid is not possible, green power generators can be used as the primary source of energy.

  • Efficient and Less Maintenance Demanding

The power can be supplied 24/7 without continuously running the batteries of the green power generators (hybrid generators), which will extend the service intervals and the life of it.

Can Any Business Switch From Standard Fuel Generators?

After understanding the benefits of green power generators, you may be intrigued by how you can make use of them yourself. It’s not that difficult. Let us explain.

It is very easy to switch from diesel-based generators to green power generators (hybrid generators). The first step is to contact a knowledgeable and reputed contractor who deals in green power generators and have a consultation with them regarding your requirements.

It is recommended to let the contractor check your old generator to get a complete idea of your current situation. The contractor will then conduct some research and make a report with suitable adjustments or options that would make the most sense for your project.

After the approval, the green power generators (hybrid generators) are most of the time going to be custom-designed per the client’s demand and requirements. All green power generator companies give post-sale services after installing the generators to ensure the client’s complete satisfaction, including ourselves here at Power Saving Solutions.

Conclusion As non-renewable resources are quickly becoming less and less accessible worldwide, the price for running a fuel-based generator is likely to increase in the coming years. Besides significantly cutting down on fuel-related costs, taking advantage of a hybrid generator will also benefit the environment tremendously over its life span. The great thing about starting using a hybrid generator? They are super easy to use and switch to.

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