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Power generators have become the go-to solution for supplying electricity to remotes area that is off the grid. With the advancement of technology, virtually everything that we use on a daily basis requires some form of power.

If you do a little research, you will find that power generators are widely used in a number of industries for a multitude of reasons such as construction sites, infrastructure projects, or generators for events.

The contribution of using the most efficient generator for your power needs to society cannot be underestimated with its versatility and reliability when used correctly. Such generator can provide reliable and constant power to construction sites, hospitals, mobile research labs, entertainment events, and many more.

As each business, event, or project will require a unique set of power requirements, the last question standing is “What should you look for when shopping for the most efficient generator?” to ensure that it can provide you with the amount of power that you need.

We have dedicated this article to answer this very question. Below, you will find the top traits that you should look for when choosing the most efficient generator for your needs.

Management and Control System

When shopping around for the most efficient generator, you need to look for one that has Power Management Systems (PMS) integrated. It offers a variety of features, for instance, display warnings, the ability to start and program generators remotely and also deliver a wide variety of analysis reports. The most important factor which makes it ideal for rental usage is the plug and play design, which allows easy and fast configuration for any work environment. Some important features of PMS include:

  • Optimise the fuel consumption
  • Maintain the load levels for higher efficiency
  • Remote access to start and program
  • Automatic backup without delay
  • Various data and analysis reports

Most energy-efficient hybrid power generators feature such systems, so that is something that you need to look out for if you want to make the most out of the power generator.

Fuel Efficiency

Hybrid generators partly work using fuel and integrated batteries. Thus, when using the power generator for the production of power during off-peak hours, the batteries alone can produce enough energy, which in turn saves on fuel.

Fuel will only be used when the power generator experiences a surge in demand, making the batteries incapable of meeting the demand alone.

So, if you are looking to save on that fuel bill, one of the traits that you must look for when hiring a power generator is its ability to save on fuel where possible.

Physical Size

Whether you are looking for a temporary or a permanent electricity solution, the physical size of the generator matters. It will not only help with the transportation, which within itself is often a challenge but will also allow you bigger flexibility when it comes to finding the right place for the generator.

The physical size is also super important if you plan on using more than one generator to meet the demand for power that your project requires.

Therefore, if space is an issue, a trait that you need to pay attention to is the sheer size of the generator that you are bound to hire.

Low Noise Levels

One of the most prominent traits of energy-efficient power generators is the low levels of noise that they produce. As you may already know, noise can complete ruin and delay the succession of a project or an event.

Diesel-based power generators typically produce a relatively high level of noise because of their operational nature. Despite advancing in design over the years, they are still very far away from achieving the noise levels that hybrid power generators produce during operation. Some even claim that this will never be possible.

You definitely don’t want to receive noise complaints from the neighbours, distract your employees, or annoy the guests at an event. This is why hybrid generators have become such a popular choice.

Modular Capability

If you are hiring a hybrid generator for a small project, this trait is most likely irrelevant to you. However, if you are looking for a permanent solution to a long-term project, one thing you need to make sure that besides being the most efficient generator on the market, your hybrid power system can also operate alongside and in sync with other power generators.

All hybrid generators from Power Saving Solutions for example, feature almost unlimited modular capability, as they are all going to be custom-made in accordance with your needs and power requirements.

Carbon Emission

Many traditional generators emit huge amounts of CO2, which affects the environment to a large extent. One of the most notable traits that you should look for is a hybrid generator that emits a reduced level of carbon.

This is only possible because of its mode of operation, which uses two different sources of energy to generate power. Modern-day hybrid generators make use of both batteries and diesel to operate more economically and efficiently.

Easy Maintenance

When hiring a power generator for your event, project, or business, one thing that you want to look out for is a generator that is easily maintainable. This especially applies if you are on the lookout for a long-term solution and don’t particularly hold any particular knowledge or skills that will help you with maintaining your generator in top condition.

One thing that you want to avoid is hiring a hybrid generator and struggling with making the most out of it. Please note that most hybrid power generator providers (including Power Saving Solutions) appropriately guide their customers on how to maintain their generators.

At Power Saving Solutions, we also provide our customers with access to experts should there be trouble that needs to be resolved immediately.

Automatic Power Generation

Unless you want your power generator to become your part-time job, you should look for an energy-efficient power generator that is smart, and by smart, we mean that it should know what to do in certain circumstances.

As an example, imagine that you are hosting the biggest festival in the area and there are zero margins for error because thousands of visitors are attending. The last thing you want to do so is keep everyone on hold because of an out of control situation such as a random and unplanned outage.

The hybrid power generators that you can hire from us feature a comprehensive system that turns them on immediately should there be disruption to the power supply at your event with zero delay. You have just saved yourself from an awkward situation, and your guests don’t even know about it.


Hiring a power generator for your project, event, or business can be a daunting and challenging process. At the end of the day, you are investing resources into a solution that quite simply has to work.

Hopefully, by taking into account the information from above, you now know what to look for, and are ready to financially invest in a modern and energy-efficient power generating solution.

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